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На Нашем Форуме Открыта Русскоязычная Ветка - Присоединяйтесь!


Works Corp of Japan, our parent, have been making Iron Heart jeans and jackets for over 25 years.

These are the toughest, strongest, most stubborn jeans in the world, no argument.

The denim is made in Japan out of the highest quality, long fibre cotton. These long fibres allow the individual cotton threads to be spun less tightly than is normal. The result is a surprisingly soft feel to this ultra-heavy denim.

The jeans and jackets are made in the traditional way, resulting in classic cuts with incredible attention to detail.

When your other jeans are just beginning to look great, they'll be getting worn out. With Iron Heart, they'll just be getting worn in. Check out some images of worn Iron Heart's here

We now do loads of shirts and other stuff too - all retaining that bomb-proof ethos of ours.

All our jeans are available with traditional copper or solid sterling silver rivets.

We happily ship worldwide and all our prices are inclusive of shipping.

And finally, we know that buying-without-trying is a bit of a risk, so, we offer a NO QUIBBLE exchange policy - just return any item in the same condition as received, and we'll exchange, no (difficult) questions asked. And if what we send you doesn't suit you after all (yeah, it did happen once), we'll refund you in full.




Our Visit to Japan May 2010
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